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, Huge Negative Pavel Kazakov helps make typical utilization of bribes when acquiring his oil pipeline designed and it has codified a program for doing this in his dealings.

When it seems as if George's re-election bid will are unsuccessful and his opponent, Norman Sharmen, is concentrating on the strip mines as Portion of his election campaign, Phil tries to supply him a generous donation if He'll drop his anti-mine platform; Sharmen refuses.

seems to are convinced loaded men and women are above the legislation. Certainly one of her fellow air headed prosperous pals responds to some stating her father reported ("You will find two points rich people by no means do: Apologize and pay out taxes") using this type of: Close friend: My daddy reported precisely the same matter...the final time I visited him in jail.

This trope was taken As many as Eleven during the properly named episode "You Can't Choose It With You". The villain from the episode was an aged miser who had built a device that might mail his wealth to the afterlife, in influence, allowing him to just take it with him.

Inside a historic illustration, Emperor Pelagius II inherited an empire devastated by war and famine, and almost fully broke. To solve the issue, he dismissed every one of the senior leaders in the Imperial government including the Elder Council, and only allowed them to get their Work again whenever they payed a steep charge.

a coronary heart while in the Market. Whenever they connect with him on it, he blows them off and gleefully offers the purchased heart at his initiation ceremony, boasting to own singlehandedly slain the beast and harvested it himself. This arrives again to bite him Large TIME down the road, as his father noticed

The unhappy actuality is, this trope is pretty much More mature Than Grime. Since the dawn of civilization, there are wealthy Individuals who have been shallow sufficient to feel that every thing and everybody can be bought, and the old proverb, "Money is the foundation of all evil" is based over a passage in the Bible

: A more benign illustration than most when Bruce Wayne acquired a fancy cafe whenever a team member explained to him his dates couldn't Enjoy in the fountain.

If he'd experienced more than enough to bribe more info the decide, he might have gotten absent with murder in cold blood, like the gentleman who was experimented with just ahead of him.

One among Professional Wrestling's oldest kinds within the guide: since (in most wrestling companies) the champion retains via an indecisive finish, and also a disqualification is described as indecisive, quite a few heels Keeping the belt can get by themselves disqualified deliberately through a match to be able to maintain their standing as winner, thus bringing about the variant: "Screw The foundations, I've a title!

the haunted household that contains the crime scene. The good thing is, Small Thief is there to save the day and recreate the scene.

: When Clay encounters an obstacle to Jacquie's investigation, he pays it "an exorbitant amount of cash" to persuade it to receive out of her way.

have infinite magical prosperity at his fingertips, as demonstrated in a single episode the place he wishes for a significant sum of cash so he will get tickets to your live performance, only to find out that It really is versus the rules; fairies are not able to grant any wishes that break the regulation, and magically making revenue would involve possibly thieving or counterfeiting.

. The Revenant, a Captain Ersatz of Batman, has not only 1 but various wealthy address identities in order for him to integrate into civilian Culture.

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